Your Pocket Friend: The TCard

Your TCard is so much more than just an entry pass to Robarts after hours! Did you know that you can use your card to pay for meals at several on-campus locations? Do you know how to access cheap printing services on campus using your TCard? 

With the new TCard+, you can manage all your on-campus spendings in one-place. You can load up funds or TBucks to your TCard and just swipe it to pay for printing, meals or buying cool merch at the bookstore. 


More information on how to manage TCard services can be found here.

A full list of Food locations that accept TBucks payments using your TCard can be found here.

To get more information on using Printing and other library services, visit this website.


Note: With the Ongoing Pandemic, it doesn’t seem that you would be able to enjoy swiping your TCards for those delicious Sid’s cafe burritos anytime soon. It is in the best interest of yours and everyone’s health that you limit your trips to the campus as much as possible. When outside, always wear a mask and santise regularly!


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