Will I get the courses I want?

The FAS predicts enrolment patterns based on the admission categories of newly admitted students. Therefore, most students get the courses they want to take that fall within their admission category.

But . . .
Students don’t always get the sections of courses they want. At least not right away. There are two options for you to consider if the section of a course you want is full:

Plan ahead for alternate sections of a course that has multiple sections, just in case the section you want is full when you enrol.

If the course has a waitlist (and many do), consider using it. Read about waitlists here. There’s a lot of movement in courses right into the second week of classes. And word has it that 10-15% of waitlisted students get into a course by 21 September, at which time the waiting lists for F and Y courses are turned off.

Also, once the waitlists are turned off, there’s still four more days (until 25 September) to bombard ACORN with attempts to enrol in a course you want.

Of course, students have a wide variety of interests that cover all the admission categories, and not all of your courses need to be within your admission category.

The FAS has had years of practice reading enrolment trends. Therefore, students very often manage to get the courses they want even if they are outside their admission category (provided they meet the prerequisites). Just remember that you increase your chances by enrolling at your assigned start-time.

And follow the enrolment instructions carefully for those courses for which you don’t have priority in round one of course enrolment (which ends on 3 August).

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