Where can I find work that will fit around a full-time student schedule?

If you’re looking for work that’s convenient for a student schedule, it doesn’t get much better than work-study. Work-study opportunities can be all kinds of jobs available at UofT. All work-study jobs pay minimum wage, but hours are capped at 12 hours a week. That means that you’ll never be forced to take on extra hours that might overwhelm you while you’re taking classes. Almost all work-study opportunities take place on campus. In addition, work-study opportunities are very flexible in terms of scheduling your hours around class time.

All work-study opportunities are listed on the Career Learning Network (CLN). You have until May 20th to view and apply to work-study jobs for the summer. In order to be eligible for a summer work-study position, you must be in at least 1.0 FCEs over the summer, taking at least 0.5 credits in both the F and S terms of the summer session.

In addition to campus jobs, many businesses around the University hire students and are open to work with a student schedule.

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