What is the Credit/No Credit option?

Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) is a designation students can apply to up to 2.0 credits during their undergraduate degree. CR/NCR means that in place of a grade, a notation of CR will appear on the transcript beside the course if the course is passed (with a 50% or higher final mark) or NCR is the course is not passed. In neither case will the final mark show nor will the CR/NCR designation have any impact on your Grade Point Average (GPA).

Note that CR/NCR can only be applied to elective courses. CR/NCR may not be used for courses that will be used to satisfy Program Requirements.

You have the option of designating a course CR/NCR on ACORN from the time at which you enrol in the course up until the published drop date for the course. For Fall-term courses, this is usually in early-November. For Winter-term courses, this is usually mid-March. The year-long course drop date is mid-February. You can find exact dates for the current academic year here.

It’s a great option because:

  • You can experiment in an academic area that you may not be familiar with, or take a course that really interests you even if you’re not sure you’ll excel in it, and the grade will not appear on your academic record or your official transcript.
  • If you get at least 50% in course, you get the CR notation; if you get under 50%, the notation is NCR.
  • Because the grade does not appear on your academic record, it’s not included in your grade point average (GPA).
  • If you get the credit, it can be used as one of your 20.0 degree credits towards your degree.
  • CR/NCR courses can satisfy Breadth Requirements.
  • Instructors do not know which students are taking the course for CR/NCR and which are taking it for a grade, so all students are assessed in the exact same way
  • If you’re doing well in the course and you want the grade instead of the CR/NCR, you can undo the designation up until the published date.

There are a few conditions:

  • The maximum number of courses that you can take for CR/NCR are 2.0 degree credits out of the 20 you need to graduate.
  • You have to be a degree student in order to take advantage of this option.
  • Some courses, like independent study courses, research courses, First-Year Seminars, or courses taken through a student exchange program cannot be designated CR/NCR.
  • A course that is designated CR/NCR cannot be used to fulfill program requirements – either admission to program or completion of program unless otherwise explicitly stated by the department.
  • And let’s hope this never happens, but if you happen to commit an academic offence in a course, the CR/NCR option cannot be used on that course.
  • If you eventually apply to a professional faculty, that faculty may ask you to get the FAS to report the grade you received in a CR/NCR course.

You can add or remove a CR/NCR option directly on ACORN after you enrol in the course.

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