Are you a new Innis Student? If so, welcome to Innis College!

Every year, students of Innis College organize an “orientation week” for first years like you!

However, this year’s Orientation is going to be split up into an Student Orientation and an Academic Orientation

Academic Orientation will guide you through UofT’s many academic processes and platforms. This is organized, not by the students, but by the Innis College Registrar’s Office!

However, the student orientation is more about getting you acquainted with post-secondary life in general and giving you a warm welcome to our community! It will be a week of online activities (real-time!) that take place in late-August / early-September!

Although online, you will be provided with essential resources, services and supports to help you feel prepared for the upcoming academic semester and answer any questions you may have. Orientation is also a fun way to meet new friends and make lasting connections. As a bonus you can access all of this from your bed, so you are just one click away from a week of fun and entertainment!


You do NOT have to pay for this orientation, since it will be $50 included in your student fees.



  1. Visit the orientation website at https://www.innisorientation.com
  2. Click the registration tab at the top, fill out the form, and hit submit!
  3. Get hyped for Orientation because you are all set!

The deadline to register for your Orientation kit is September 1st, 2020. However, to ensure that we have enough time to mail you your Orientation Welcome Kit please sign-up as soon as possible, ideally by the end of July!
No online payment is required for registration. Your orientation fee is automatically paid through your student fees in September.

Official Website:

For any more information please visit: https://www.innisorientation.com/

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