What is Academic Orientation, and how will it help me prepare for course enrolment?

In order to help you get familiarized with the ins and outs of U of T’s academic system, your registrar’s office is running an academic orientation program on Quercus. Academic orientation will help you get familiar with the ins and outs of U of T’s academic system. You’ll receive advice for course and degree planning, for example.
Here’s how you can access your academic orientation, if you haven’t done so already:
1. Go to q.utoronto.ca and enter your JoinID and password to log in.
2. Check for an invitation to an academic orientation session. For an example of what to look for, Innis College’s orientation is called ‘Innis 101’.
3. Accept the invitation.
4. Watch the videos in the modules.
5. Log in for a BB Collaborate Q&A session to get last-minute questions answered.
Your academic orientation will be incredibly important as you plan your courses out for first year and beyond, so we at Starterkit wouldn’t recommend missing it. As course enrolment is rapidly approaching, here are some other things your academic orientation leaders would like you to do in addition to participating in the Quercus module:
1. Review the Calendar and Timetable to make a course plan.
2. Put courses in your ACORN enrolment cart.
3. Be ready to enrol in your courses at your start time. You can find your start time on your ACORN dashboard.
A final note about academics and academic orientation: when you send an email to the registrar’s office or an academic advisor to ask a question, remember to include your student number!

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