What is a registrar?

Your college Registrar’s Office provides sound and accurate advice in an atmosphere of comfort and confidentiality.

We are custodians of a lot of information on:

  • fees & funding
  • rules & regulations
  • petitions & appeals
  • your experience from 1st-year through graduation

We’ve uploaded some of that information on QuickQueries. We’re also available year-round to talk with students.

Consider us a reliable first stop if you’re looking to:

  • strategize course & program selection,
  • iron out academic, financial or administrative details,
  • adjust to new learning styles,
  • juggle personal or work priorities with academic commitments,
  • ponder what to do with your degree.

We take our accountability to you seriously. We can help you:

  • solve a personal or academic difficulty
  • overcome a financial bind
  • formulate or adjust short- or long-term educational goals
  • apply your academic learning outside the classroom

With our accumulated experience student matters and the FAS, we can offer you objective, personalized advice and help you explore options.

You can reach your local college registrar here.


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