What is a program of study and do I need to enrol in one now?

What is a program of study? 

In order to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, you must complete a combination of programs which will reflect your main area(s) of study. These are known as your “programs of study” and are more commonly referred to as Specialists, Majors and Minors.  

When do I need to enrol in a program? 

Program enrolment will take place at the end of your first year of study, or at the end of the Fall/Winter Session by which you have completed 4.0 FCE’s*. However, it is helpful and important to familiarize yourself with program enrolment early on as it will inform the choices you make when selecting courses for first year. For a timeline of the 2019 Program Enrolment period, click here. 

*It is mandatory for students who have completed 4.0 FCE’s to be in a full set of programs before July course enrolment. 

Which program combinations are allowed? 

When the time comes, you must choose your programs in one of the following combinations: 

-1 Specialist, 

-2 Majors, or  

-1 Major and 2 Minors 

It’s never too early to start thinking about programs! 

When you are enrolling in courses for first year, it is good to have a few programs in mind so you can choose your courses accordingly. Our Guide to First Year Course Selection explains how to do this! If you are interested in applying for a program, you should do your own research and answer the following questions: 

1) What type of program is it? Is it a Type 1, 2, or 3?  

This will determine how you apply for the program and will also give you a clue as to how competitive the program may be. Click this link from the Sidney Smith Commons for an explanation of what the different types of programs mean and instructions for how to apply to each type. A full list of all programs and their types can be found here. 

2) What are the enrolment requirements? Am I eligible to apply? Which first year courses do I need to take in order to apply to the program after first year? 

You should refer to the Calendar and look at the “Enrolment Requirements” section of each program you are interested in. This will tell you what you need to complete in order to be eligible to apply to the program. 

Some helpful resources: 

For a comprehensive and in-depth guide to program enrolment, check out the Sidney Smith Commons Program Toolkit. 

Want to see what you can do with your degree? fastforward is a site where you can find hundreds of alumni profiles that show you what former students studied while at U of T and what they ended up doing as a career after graduation. The best part of the site is that you can filter alumni profiles by programs of study!

If you are ever unsure about any program enrolment requirements, be sure to reach out to your college Registrar’s office or the program department for clarification. 

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