U of T Foodbank and the FNH Community Cupboard

The umbrella organization for most of the downtown Toronto foodbanks is the DAILY BREAD FOODBANK. They organize most of the operational foodbanks in the GTA, and they are accessible independently of any resources that the U of T offers.

The U of T, however, offers it’s students it’s own foodbank, which operates out of the MultiFaith Centre, which is located at 569 Spadina Avenue, and which, coincidentally, is located in the building next door to First Nations House. The foodbank is open once a week, and offers students a wide variety of ever-changing staples, snacks, fruits and vegetables. The foodbank is run by U of T student volunteers, and any U of T student can access the service.

Several students at FNH visit the U of T foodbank on a regular basis and bring their food to FNH, where they have organized on ongoing community cupboard. First Nations students are welcome to access the food accumulated in the Community Cupboard, and are more than welcome to contribute more or other groceries as they desire or see fit. If you do not want other students using any groceries you wish to bring in, that can be organized and set up in conjunction with other students using the kitchen.

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