Toronto Pearson Airport to UTSG Campus

You’ve been accepted to U of T…awesome! But how are you going to get there? We’ve listed 3 options, ranked from most cost-efficient to most costly.

Option #1: TTC (Cost- $3.25)

*Please Note: These instructions only apply during regular TTC business hours. If your arrival or departure time is not during regular business hours, we encourage you to explore Options 2 and 3!

Once you claim all your luggage, look for signs leading to buses or ground transportation. First, make sure you have a TTC token or $3.25 in cash. (Fear not, there is a token machine near the ground transportation.) The signs will lead you to a bus stop. Take the 192 Airport Rocket bus (pictured) to Kipling. You’ll need to pay the driver, who will then hand you a transfer (a little sheet of paper) for the subway. 

You will need to get off the bus at Kipling Station and then take the eastbound subway train towards St. George Station. Once you have reached St. George Station, you can exit through the St. George Street exit and you’ll find yourself at the top of campus.

Friendly Reminder: the TTC is known for its inconvenient delays and service disruptions. In these cases, the TTC will provide shuttle busses at subway stops.

Option #2 Union Pearson Express + Subway/Taxi/ Uber (Cost- $15.25- $25)

The Union Pearson Express is a comfortable way to get to and from the airport, however, the nearest UP Express station to U of T St. George is Union Station.

The UP Express costs $12 for a one way ticket and $24 dollars for a return ticket. If purchased online, your tickets can be used at any time, but will expire within one year of the purchase. Paper tickets (if you bought them in person at a counter) expire 1 hour after purchase. There are booths where you can purchase UP Express tickets near baggage claim.

There are clear signs at the airport that will direct you to the UP Express at Terminal 1. If you aren’t already at Terminal 1, you will have to take a Link Train from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1.

The UP Express will take you to Union Station and from there, you can take the subway northbound (towards Downsview) to St. George Station. Alternatively, you can taxi or Uber to campus from Union and it will only cost you about $12.

Option #3 Taxi/ Uber all the way (Cost- $35-$53+)

Pretty self explanatory but costly! Try to buddy up with a friend if you can!

Airport taxis charge flat rates and may be safer alternatives because they have to meet specific safety guidelines.

Both options are great if you are exhausted from your trip or have too much luggage to carry.

Make sure to request your Uber or taxi only after you’ve claimed all of your bags.

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