the Undergrad Student Groups at the U of T

There are two student groups specifically geared towards undergraduate First Nations’ students at the U
of T. The first of these is the Native Students’ Association (the NSA) and this group has their offices on
the fourth floor of the North Borden Building at 563 Spadina Avenue. This group is open to an
exclusively First Nations membership, and as such, is arguably in a stronger position to address the
political, social and bureaucratic concerns of undergraduate First Nations students at the U of T because
it is compromised exclusively of First Nations students, who have probably experienced similar concerns
or at the least are committed to making the paths of other First Nations students at the U of T as
smooth as possible, in response to their own issues along the journey. On the lighter side, the NSA is
also a social organization, and word on the street has it that 2018/2019 is going to be a strongly
represented year with several upper year students openly desiring a more active First Nations’ presence
on campus, both socially and politically.

THE Indigenous Studies Students’ Union (ISSU) was and is organized by students who major, minor or
otherwise take classes in the department of Indigenous Studies. IT is open to all students in the
program, regardless of ethnicity. They have been quite active in presenting various social, polticial, and
educational events that are open to all students of the U of T. Whether or not you are in the Dept. of
Indigenous Studies, it is advisable to stay abreast of ISSU and their comings and goings, even if it is just
to keep up with the Joneses in that particular department. Their office is located at The Centre for
Indigenous Studies, on the second floor of the North Borden Building at 563 Spadina Avenue.
Widening the scope of your social interactions might very well end up in the random and blessed first
interaction with a significant other or BFF…who knows? Creator willing, your attempts at political
expression might end up in wedding bells. Or vice versa. Come for the wedding, stay for the protest. Just
saying. Flexibility is key to making your undergrad social life an explosion of color and relevance.

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