The 20.0 Credit Rule (Wait! What’s a Credit?)

You need 20.0 credits to graduate.

What is a credit?


Y = full-credit course, worth 1.0 credit
H = half-credit course, worth 0.5 credits

The FAS often uses the words “credit” and “course” interchangeably.

Unless otherwise stated, whenever the FAS refers to courses, it means full-credit course or equivalent in half-credit courses. (That would be two half-credit courses!)

A standard course load in the Fall/Winter is 5.0 full credits. That’s a combination of full courses and half courses that total 5.0 credits. You can take fewer than 5.0 a year. You can also take as many as 6.0, though that’s certainly not advisable, and especially not in first-year.

While we’re reading a course code . . .
When is a credit?


In the Fall/Winter Session
Y = full-year course from September – April
F = half-year course from September – December (First or Fall term)
S = half-year course from January – April (Second or Spring term)

Ideally, you should balance out your courses so you’re taking the same number in First (or Fall) term and in Second (or Spring) term.

In the Summer Session
Y = full-year course from May – August
F = half-year course from May – June
S = half-year course from July – August


Where is a credit?


1 = St. George (downtown) campus
3 = UTSC (University of Toronto at Scarborough)
5 = UTM (University of Toronto at Mississauga)

All courses in FAS are offered on the downtown, St. George Campus.

For specific classroom locations, see the Timetable.


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