Quarantine Accommodation Program

To limit the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Canada has put in place an emergency order under the Quarantine Act and outlined the requirements for Mandatory Quarantine for Travellers to Canada. This applies to all travelers to Canada without exception.

To help students fulfill the Mandatory Quarantine requirements as well as support the health and safety of our students and broader community,  U of T is facilitating access to accommodations for new and returning students coming from outside of Canada.  

The University will arrange a 14-day self-isolation for international students, providing a private room as well as resources like a personal thermometer to enable daily physical health checks. 

Students who already have a place (whether your own or a family member’s)  to quarantine are also encouraged to register in the program in order to participate in daily Health & Wellness check-ins. Registered students will also receive outreach from their local division as well as downloadable resources to support them during their quarantine.

The University’s Mandatory Accommodation program will start on August 15, 2020. If you are a new or returning student traveling or returning to Canada after August 15, you can sign up for this program using StarRez. 

Note – If you are arriving earlier, please contact info.quarantine@utoronto.ca.

As part of this program, the University will provide: 

  • Transportation from the airport (via cars/limousines) to the quarantine location. University representatives will be present outside the airports to assist with transportation.
  • A private room with a washroom at a hotel or at a U of T residence (depending on availability)
  • Self-isolation protocols, hand soap and sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, gloves, and masks, and other supplies as needed.
  • 3 meals/day delivered to your door
  • Other supports daily check-in/nurse monitoring, quarantine supplies including personal thermometer, residence life staff, and connections with your academic division for information on programming, orientation, etc. during your quarantine.

Students will need to sign-off on self-isolation protocols aligned with relevant government guidance, and remain in their rooms for the 14-day period. Guests will not be allowed during this time. Laundry (hand-wash) will be done by students in their own rooms. 


The University will be covering the costs for students in the U of T 14-day mandatory quarantine accommodation. A cancellation fee of $350 will be charged if registration is not canceled at least 48 hours prior to the stated arrival time. Students who are turned away at the point of entry will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Students who are moving to Canada with a spouse or children will need to cover the costs of their dependent family members needing the 14-day quarantine. 


Please contact info.quarantine@utoronto.ca for more information about this.


If the completion of the quarantine period occurs prior to the student’s residence move-in date, students may be required to pay a fee if they choose to remain at the hotel until they are able to move into the residence.


University of Toronto Mississauga

Students moving into UTM Student Housing & Residence Life may be able to complete their quarantine in the UTM residence if they arrive between August 10 and August 21. No additional room fees will apply, and meal plans will be active during the quarantine period. More details can be provided post-application. 


How do I register for the program?

To register for the University of Toronto Mandatory Quarantine Accommodation Program: 

  1. Go to StarRez and log in using your UofT credentials.
  2. Once you’re logged in, scroll down and click on the banner ‘Register Your Mandatory Quarantine Program’. 
  3. There are two programs you can register for: 
    1. Register for ‘U of T Quarantine, Full Accommodations’, if you want to use University Provided Accommodations.
    2. Register for ‘Non-U of T Quarantine, Resources Only’, if you have your own accommodations for quarantine.


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