Online and In-Person Courses

The COVID-19 crisis has sent us into a state of uncertainty. We here at StarterKit are here to help ease some of that uncertainty for you. 

First, if you have more specific questions about courses, check out this COVID-19 FAQs page that has been recently updated to give more information about Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 courses.

Second, for information on the availability of any specific courses for next year, please see this  course timetableThis is the official 2020 – 2021 Fall & Winter Session Timetable.


Here’s some of the information StarterKit distilled from all of these sources:

  1. The Fall 2020 semester will be a mix of online and in-person courses.
  2. The idea is to offer big (200+ students) lectures online-only, and some smaller ones in-person with online versions for preference.
  3. Nearly all classes will have an online option so as to account for people with travel restrictions or safety concerns. That is to say, students can choose to complete their fall term online, without returning to campus. 
  4. Full-year courses (Y) will follow a consistent format throughout – if an F course starts online, it will continue to be offered online until it finishes in 2021. 
  5. Synchronous vs Asynchronous? I saw it on the timetable, what does that mean?
    Basically, some online courses will be held in real-time (synchronous) and some will not have real-time components (asynchronous). While the preliminary timetable has some information on what is available for a given course, the final timetable will have more specific information regarding which components of a course are synchronous and which components are asynchronous. 
  6. After course enrolment closes, you cannot switch between online and in-person courses. If you start in an online section, you’ll stay in an online section.

Third, you can view course selection information of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (A&S) for information on important dates.  

Here are some key dates for A&S course selection:

  • July 9: Your course selection start date will be available on Acorn
  • July 13: 4th+ Year students (14 credits or more) can begin to choose courses
  • July 16: 3rd Year students (9~13.5 credits) can begin to choose courses
  • July 20: 2nd Year students (4~8.5 credits) can begin to choose courses
  • July 23: 1st Year students (fewer than 4 credits) can begin to choose courses
  • July 31: General course enrolment period begins 
  • August 7: UTSG students who are not in A&S, as well as UTM and UTSC students, can begin to choose A&S courses


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