Moving into a second year of COVID-19 uncertainty, the vaccine rollouts have finally provided optimism for the Fall 2021 semester. Here are some highlights!

First, if you have more specific questions about classes this Fall and other specifics, check out this COVID-19 FAQs. This page is updated regularly so we suggest you check back with it every month or so! 

Second, for more in-depth information regarding vaccines and quarantining, see more information here. We also recommend reading Arts & Science Dean Woodin’s and President Meric Gertler’s messages about the upcoming semester.


Here’s StarterKit’s summary on the upcoming semester from the sources listed above:

  1. The Fall 2021 semester is looking like it will be in person! While some courses may be offered online, the majority of courses will require in-person participation. As such, the University requires everyone to plan to come to Toronto for September. More specific information on course delivery will be made available before July.
  2. UofT will monitor the situation closely; if the City of Toronto implements more restrictions, some in-person courses and activities may have to move online. Dean Woodin is committed to updating us on this plan at least 3 times on May 26, June 23, and July 28.
  3. As of writing this post on May 19th, 2021, the Government of Canada has updated information on its website for international students, indicating that study permit applications completed by May 15, 2021 will be processed by August 6, 2021
  4. Everyone is strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as they can to help ensure an in-person year!

Thirdly, you can view course enrolment information for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences here (You don’t really need to worry about this too much yet, but it’s just a heads up for the curious – I know I was!). Here are some important ones:

  • July 5: Check ACORN to see what time you can start enrolling in courses! 
  • July 22: 1st Year students (fewer than 4 credits) can start enrolling in courses
  • July 30: General enrolment period begins (some electives that are not part of your program are restricted until this period)
  • August 4: UofT St. George campus students not enrolled in the Faculty of Arts &  Science (eg. Engineering, Architecture) can start enrolling in Arts & Science courses.
  • September 1: Tuition due (or defer by then if you have OSAP/other student loans!)

Finally, for information on the availability of any specific courses for next year, check StarterKit often for new posts. We’ll be posting updates & more specific details as course listings become available. Also, check the 2021 – 2022 Fall & Winter Session Timetable around early July – all available classes for the year should be on there by then!


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