Innis Inspiration – Marta Switzer



“People used to tell me all the time when I was in first year that I was so quiet and that I never talked. When I was in second year someone told me that they wished I’d talk more because they always appreciated what I had to say when I did speak on those rare occasion. This really stuck with me – so I started to talk more.

Now I talk all the time, in meetings, in class. I figured out that talking is doing. Sharing your ideas, sharing your thoughts is action. Talking is interaction, it’s engagement, it’s caring. Talking builds relationships, sparks interests; it gives food for reflection.

Just try it. Try saying that thing you’ve been thinking for the past five minutes, past hour, past year. What might happen if you say it? What doors could you open? What opportunities might come when you try talking, not just because of what you have to say but because of who might be listening?

Through talking, communicating, interacting, you aren’t just sharing who you are but you are actually creating yourself. We construct meaning through interaction; so interact purposefully, share passionately. As much as you put out there in the world through talking, you’ll build twice as much within you. I’m telling you from experience. Now you try telling me.”


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