Innis Inspiration – Jasmine Wong Denike



“Back in my first year, I was shy, awkward, and intimidated by the university. I lived in residence, but I made literally no friends. I was scared that I could no longer be myself.

In second year, I wanted to be a Frosh leader because I wanted to be able to help students who were like me – shy and intimidated – and make them feel like Innis could be their new home. Taking that leap did more for me than I thought possible.

I made friends that week, people I still love years later, who really pushed me to become who I am today. I put myself out there into an environment that, although at first terrifying, put me at ease as soon as I realized that people liked me because I was being my genuine self. I was becoming the person I wanted to be.

So because of Frosh week, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to get involved, I made incredible friends, learned more about who I am, and found what I want to do. And you know what? I regret absolutely nothing. “


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