Innis Inspiration – Jannie Chien

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“I’ve been playing the violin since I was six years old and I played in a string orchestra for almost 10 years throughout elementary school and high school. It was a huge change for me when I came to U of T and had no orchestra to play in. I missed the warm and fuzzy feelings of being part of a dedicated group that would gather once a week just to play music.

I have been in a deep depression recently and it has been hard for me to contribute as much as I’d like to in choir, but I really do care about them and hope that they can feel the pure joy of making music with others. Working with them has helped me gain confidence in leadership and creativity and has made me feel like I actually do have a purpose on this planet. I hope that when I push them to be their best, they can feel better about themselves and be proud of what they can accomplish.

I’m very privileged to have had this opportunity to co-direct the choir, and I couldn’t have made it through the years without the support of the lovely humans at Innis (both past and present). I may not be close with some of you, but I hope you know that every little interaction I have with each of you is what keeps me going.”

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