How to TTC

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is the public transportation system in Toronto. Even if you’re not a commuter, you will have to use the TTC at some point during your time in Toronto. Here is a quick guide to using the TTC.


  • Cash fare for the TTC is $3.25 per ride and you must have exact change. Just drop it into the collection box and board the bus, subway, or streetcar.
  • You can buy tokens at most subway stations for $3 each when you buy at least 3 at a time, rather than $3.25.
  • You can also purchase a Presto Card. You can load money onto a Presto Card and tap it when you board the TTC. These cards are a great option for people who don’t take the TTC everyday, but still often enough that fumbling around with change or tokens is a huge annoyance.
  • If you’re a commuter, you can get a metropass. This is a monthly pass that allows you unlimited access to the TTC for one flat monthly fee. A post-secondary student one costs $116.75.


  • Living downtown, you will mostly be using the subway and streetcar systems.
  • There are 4 lines on the TTC subway.

  • The stations closest to the St. George campus are St. George, Bay, Spadina, Museum, and Queen’s Park.
  • All you have to do is pay your fare, go through the turnstile, make sure you’re going the right way, and get off at the station closest to your destination.


  • Toronto is one of the only cities in North America that still has a streetcar (or tram) system.
  • It’s one of the main ways to get around downtown and is super easy to navigate.
  • All streetcar routes end at a subway station, making transferring between the two systems easy

  • Boarding a streetcar is like the subway. Pay your fare with the driver up front (remember to have exact fare!) and then get off at the stop closest to your destination.


  • There are also tons of busses in Toronto. Most major streets have a bus route that pass through it.
  • Again, it’s super easy to get on the bus. Just pay by the driver, get on, and get off at the stop you want.

Other Tips

  • If you want to transfer from Line 1 to 2 or vice versa, transfer at St. George station rather than Spadina. There’s a long walk between the two lines at Spadina station.
  • St. George campus is HUGE. If you know where your class is, try to get off at the station closest to that building. For example, Victoria College is closest to Museum station. If you ever have class near Vic, it’s best to get off at Museum; you’ll get let off right at Vic!
  • Generally, take a route that maximizes subway usage. They’re built for maximum speed and you get to avoid Toronto traffic.
  • If you want to get to the other side of the loop of line 1, it might be worth it to just walk. Some of the stations are only a 10 minutes walk away (for example, St. Patrick to Dundas station is a 5 minutes walk) while the loop can take as long as 20 minutes (even longer if there’s a delay).

I hope this is all helpful! Happy travels!

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