How To Stay Safe So Your Parents Can Sleep At Night

As with every city, it’s important to be wary of our personal safety at all times. Making smart decisions and being vigilant are just a few ways to keep your parents from worrying too much.

Here are some basic tips on how to stay safe and not run into any trouble!

• Don’t walk around by yourself at night. Even if the street is busy and well-lit, you may run into some not-so-friendly people.

• Save these phone numbers on your phone: 416-978-2222 (Campus Police– Urgent), 416-978-2323 (Campus Police- Non-Urgent). Under other more urgent circumstances, call 911.

• There are emergency poles stationed in random areas on campus. In case of an emergency, you can press the button and the campus police will be there in a jiffy.

• If you come across someone who is intoxicated and unconscious, roll them to their side into recovery position.

• Keep your head up when you’re walking so you know what’s going on around you. It’s easy to get distracted by an exciting text conversation or that new Pokemon that just popped up on your screen, but that Lapras isn’t going to be so awesome if you walk into a pole. Plus, people get super annoyed when you don’t look where you’re going.

• If you’re going to bike, wear a helmet. Cars in Toronto are notorious for forgetting that cyclists exist. Always use hand signals when biking.

• Practice safe sex. SEC (The Sexual Education Centre) is a great place to go if you want free condoms. Health and Wellness is also a good resource if you want to consult your doctor about other forms of birth control.

• If you are comfortable with it, consider enabling your friends to track your location on their phone if you do end up walking home by yourself. That way they’ll be able to know where you are at all times and notice if you’ve strayed from your path home. The app Find My Friends is a good place to start.

• Always keep an eye on whatever you’re drinking. Do not let your drink out of your sight. You never know if someone will slip someone in it.

• Never consume alcohol on an empty stomach.

*staff note: U of T Starter Kit does not condone underage alcohol consumption

• Trust your gut. If something doesn’t seem right, don’t be afraid to speak up or remove yourself from the situation. You’re better safe than sorry.

• If you are leaving early from a function and leaving your friend by themselves, be a good friend and do all you can to make sure they get home safely. Ask them to text you when they get home or make sure they’re in good hands.

• Always let someone know where you’re going or have your phone on so you can be contacted at all times.

• If your phone has a “Find My Phone” option, enable it so you’ll be able to locate it if it has been stolen or misplaced.

• If you are studying in a public place, do not leave your belongings unattended. If you do have to leave, ask someone around you to watch your stuff for you.

• Keep records or copies of all your ID and credit cards in case they are stolen or misplaced. This will make deactivating and cancelling a lot easier.


Stay safe!


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