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It happens to everyone: getting sick. Whether it’s a stuffy nose or you need to be rushed to the emergency room, odds are that you’ll need to use the university’s Health and Wellness services at some point. These services are incredibly important, especially since international students don’t have established health networks in Canada (ie. a family doctor, a dentist, etc) like domestic students do. Despite the importance of these services, the system can be incredibly hard to navigate.

Here is a breakdown of how to use Health and Wellness.

The Health and Wellness centre is located on the second floor of the Koffler Student Services Centre at 214 College Street, on the south side of the St. George campus. They offer many services for students including general health services (check ups, prescriptions, etc), mental health services, and food and nutrition counselling.

Before you can use the Health and Wellness services at U of T or any other health services in Canada, you will need to register with UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan).  As a full-time international student at U of T, you will automatically be enrolled for UHIP, meaning that all you need to do is register online and print off your UHIP card, which you need to bring to all your appointments regardless of whether they are on campus or not. To find out how to set up your UHIP, click here.

You are now ready to make an appointment!

Before making an appointment, you need to fill out a new patient package. You need to have this package and all the forms in it completed before your first appointment at the Health and Wellness centre. You will also need to bring your updated immunization records, TB testing information, and any information regarding ongoing illnesses to your first appointment.

If you’re a domestic student, there is a slightly different new patient package that you need to fill out. To access the domestic new patient package, click here. 

When you’re done the new patient package, you can make an appointment using Web Access or calling. They also accept drop-in appointments on a first-come, first-served basis. For their hours, click here. 

Now that you’ve set up your UHIP account, filled out a new patient package, and made an appointment, you have access to the university’s health services. Don’t forget to bring your UHIP card and documentation to all future appointments on or off campus!

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