Getting To Know The Streets of Toronto and the TTC

A Quick Guide to Toronto and the TTC


The streets listed are some major streets that you'll be frequenting during your time at the University of Toronto. Memorize them and you'll be able to find your way around the city!

*Anything west of Yonge street will have a west behind it and anything east of Yonge street will have east behind it* e.g. Bloor Street West, Bloor Street East

Bloor: Further west of this map (past Bathurst) is Koreatown and further east towards Avenue Road is Yorkville. In between Bathurst and Avenue you'll find the Annex, an area with a small town-y feel with little shops and restaurants.

Spadina: [pronounced Spuh-dye-nah, not Spuh-dee-nah] Chinatown (you could technically call it Little Saigon as well) starts from College and Spadina. Check out the Asian bakeries for great deals on baked goods. Kensington Market is in the backstreets of Chinatown (a block further west) where you'll find different ethnic foods, gourmet cheese, vintage clothing, and churros.

St. George:  Most of your classes will be on this street. Surprise surprise. (turns into Beverly St. past College)

College: A couple of pubs, small coffee shops, places to grab a bite to eat. (turns into Carlton past Yonge)

Bay: Most of your friends who don't live on campus probably live in an apartment on Bay. If not, you will eventually meet someone who lives on Bay.

University: Hospitals galore! If you ever get really sick (knock on wood), go to University and College and take your pick. Toronto General and Mount Sinai are two of the major hospitals that you can visit if you ever have a medical emergency.

Queens Park: Queen's Park is a large park on campus grounds. You'll find joggers, and dog-walkers around during the day, but we recommend that you avoid walking through Queens Park alone at night. Seriously. It's super sketchy. The big, regal looking building south of Queen's Park is the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Yonge: [pronounced Young, not Yawng] Won the Guinness World Record: "Longest Street in the World" so don't ever say "It's on Yonge" without a cross-street because people will think you're crazy. You have been warned. Yonge street from Bloor to Dundas is a strip of restaurants that vary from Indian cuisine to Vietnamese to Korean! You'll also find a variety of stores which sell everything from Hello Kitty stuffed animals to Halloween costumes to kettlebells!

Dundas: [pronounced Dun-dass, not Dun-dus] Tons of restaurants between University and Yonge. On Dundas you'll find the beginnings of Chinatown. Dundas and Yonge are home to Dundas Square, Toronto's version of Times Square

Queen: Between University and Spadina, Queen street is a prominent shopping area. You will find the iconic Nathan Phillips Square on Queen behind Eaton Centre.

An Introduction to the TTC!

If you take the subway often (or if you are a commuter), you can invest in a monthly pass which costs $112 for post-secondary students.

If you only take it every once in a while, you can purchase tokens at every TTC subway station for $3.25/ token or in larger amounts at a discounted rate. 

*quickqueries tip- TTC station token machines do not accept $5 bills. You would have to buy your tokens from an attendant.




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