How Do I Defer An Exam?

Once in a blue moon, something comes up and prevents you from writing an exam. Luckily, if you have a valid reason for missing your exam, you can file a petition to defer the exam and write it in a future examination period! In short, there are four steps to deferring an exam:

  1. Filling out a petition form (your Registrar’s Office will also have copies of this form)
  2. Providing a petition statement
  3. Providing supporting documentation:
    • if you were sick, have your doctor filled out the Verification of Student Illness or Injury form. Only originals will be accepted.
    • if you missed your exam for other reasons (e.g. bereavement, religious reasons, transit delay), provide supporting documentation.
  4. Submitting all of the above to your college Registrar’s Office, who will then submit it to the Faculty of Arts and Science on your behalf.
Note on the Petition Statement

This is your opportunity to explain to the Faculty of Arts & Science why you were unable to write your exam. Your statement should be written like a letter and should be addressed to the Faculty of Arts & Science. There is no minimum word count, but your statement should include:

  1. Your first & last name
  2. Your student number
  3. The course code of the exam you missed e.g. CSC108H1S
  4. The date + the start and end time of the exam
  5. Your reason for missing the exam (If you were sick: explain when you started feeling sick and when you visited the doctor)
  6. Your signature and today’s date.

For more about deferring your exam, please visit:

Words of advice from a senior student:

Only defer an exam if you really have to. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

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