The Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) offers over 2,000 courses per year. Exciting, right? We’ve got a few tips on how to select your courses:

Choose the first-year requirements for the Program of Study (POSt) you intend to pursue. Every student completes a Program of Study – they apply for them at the end of their first-year. More info on Programs of Study here.

Not sure what POSt to take? Go for the courses that have caught your interest! Remember – your level of interest is a key factor in your motivation and success.

Once you’ve chosen courses for your potential POSt, consider additional 100-series courses in areas that  interest you, even if you have no background in that area. By the end of first-year, you may actually decide to pursue a POSt in an area you previously knew nothing about!

When a course catches your eye, check that you have the appropriate prerequisites.

Some students complete some of their Breadth Requirements in first-year, but that is not mandatory – the BR must be completed by the time you graduate.

Looking for a small-classroom experience? Check out the  First-Year Seminars and the First-Year Foundations courses.

Looking for a challenge? First-year students can also take upper-level courses, provided they meet the required prerequisites. Some 200-series courses do not have 100-series prerequisites and are open to first-year students. These courses often include the word “introduction” in the course title or description. If you plan on taking more than two 200-series courses in your first-year, it’s a good idea to meet with an academic advisor from your College to go over your plan.

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