How many courses should I sign up for?

Many students complete their Honours degree in four years.

When considering how many courses to take, remember:

  1.  it’s not a race to the finish, so consider taking a course load that will challenge you and that you can manage; and
  2.  it’s seldom advisable for a student to take more than 5.0 courses in first year, since 5.0 is considered plenty challenging to manage.

The Honours Bachelor degree requires 20.0 courses. Many students plan to take a course load of 5.0 courses in their first year.

You can take fewer.

Some students take a course load of 4.0 or 4.5 courses in the Fall/Winter Session and take an additional 0.5 or 1.0 courses in the following summer session.

This is convenient if you are in Toronto for the summer and want to take a course around your other commitments such as a summer job.

Or you can take a summer course at another university by:



You need to complete 4.0 courses to apply to programs of study.

If you are taking between 4.0 and 6.0 courses in the Fall/Winter you pay a program fee.

If you are in 3.5 or fewer courses, you pay a per-course fee for the year provided you do not bounce above the 3.5 threshold after certain specific dates explained here.

For OSAP, 3.0 is considered a full-time course load.

If you are registered with Accessibility Services, 2.0 is considered a full-time course load for OSAP.

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