How does my enrolment cart work?


Your enrolment cart, which you can find under the ‘Enrol and Manage’ tab on your ACORN, can be used to keep track of all the courses you plan to enrol in for the upcoming academic year. It’s important to note that on your enrolment date, you will be locked out of your ACORN until your start time, so before that day you should already have filled your enrolment cart with all the courses you’d like to take. You will usually fill your enrolment cart after you’ve used the Calendar and Timetable to plan your course schedule out.

Since everyone’s start time for enrolment differs, there’s a small chance that by the time enrolment starts for you, some of your desired course sections may be full. The enrolment cart is especially useful in cases like these, because it allows you to add a variety of different course or course section combinations as back-ups. This is especially helpful in avoiding last minute hassle in finding the course and specific activity sessions that fit your schedule. You can plan these back-ups out ahead of time, and then keep them in your cart during enrolment so you know where to find them if you need them. 

Once your enrolment period begins, you can enrol in courses directly from your cart. 

Note: You will not automatically be enrolled in the courses that you add to your enrolment cart. You will need to manually enrol in them once your enrolment period begins. 

Note for FLC students:

Since FLC students get priority enrolment for some core courses in their FLC division, you will already be enrolled in the lecture and activity sessions for those courses. Thus you do not need to enrol in these courses yourselves, nor do you need to add them to the enrolment cart. The lecture and activity session times for enrolment in these courses will be chosen by the FLC division. However, once enrolment begins, you are allowed to modify the lecture and activity sessions for these courses. 

How do I add courses to my enrolment cart? 

To add the courses to your cart you can follow these steps:

1. Login to your Acorn Account and in the sidebar, look for Enrol and Manage. Choose Courses in the dropdown.

2. Choose the session you want to add courses for. In this case, I will be adding courses for the fall/winter session.

3. Look for the Course you want to enrol in and select the course code. I will be adding a full-session course, meaning that the course will run from September-April.

4. Choose the lecture and activity session time you’re interested in attending for the course and click Add to Enrolment Cart.

5. This course with the chosen time section has now been added to your cart. After the start of your enrolment period, you can enrol directly from your cart. If you want to remove a course from your enrolment cart, you can do so by clicking the settings button next to the enrol button and then clicking on remove.

You can also watch this step by step video on adding courses to your enrolment cart:

Until the priority enrolment period elapses, you will typically be able to enrol in (or join the waitlist of) a maximum of 5 courses per semester.

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