How and when do I have to make payments for summer school?

Making payments for the summer session follows a similar pattern as fee payment in the Fall/Winter session. That is, you are able to make payments in two instalments, the first of which is due on April 28th for the summer session. This is the last day to make the minimum payment to register.

The minimum payment to register is 50% of your total tuition fee, plus any outstanding fees you may have from previous sessions. You can find out what that amount is by looking at your account invoice on ACORN. Alternatively, you can use OSAP to defer your fees; keep in mind that you are still required to do so by the 28th.

Once you’ve made your minimum payment, your student status should change from ‘Invited’ to ‘Registered’ on ACORN. The rest of your fees should be paid by May 31st to avoid incurring interest.

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