Guide to First Year Course Selection and Enrolment

It’s almost time to select your courses! Stressing about getting a good start time? Follow this guide for a stress-free experience!

1. Do a lot of research with the resources available to you. The Faculty of Arts and Science issues both a Calendar and a Timetable. These two resources will be incredibly important for you when looking at courses.

The Calendar (which can be found here) is actually nothing like a calendar.

At U of T, when we refer to the Calendar, we are talking about the resource which shows degree requirements, programs of study, courses required to complete programs, (e.g. what classes you’ll need to take for an Anthropology Minor) as well as all of the courses that are offered by that department/college. Each program listing includes names of faculty members and a short introduction to the program, followed immediately by accordion files with the program requirements and accordion files of the courses. Not all the courses in the Calendar are offered every year, maybe due to faculty on sabbatical (that is, research leave) or other more mysterious reasons.

If you have a program you’d like to go into, (e.g. Linguistics Specialist) you should check out which first year prerequisite courses are required! In this example, we can see that in order to be eligible for the Linguistics Specialist program, you will need to take LIN101H1 and LIN102H1 in first year. If you want to read more about what the course is about, you can scroll further down and see all the courses that are offered in that program area!

To find out when these courses are held, you check out the Timetable.

This resource will tell you when your classes are scheduled, who is teaching the course, the lecture size, as well as where your class is located.

If there is a tutorial or lab (PRA) section for your class, you’ll also see it below the lecture sections.

The best thing to do would be to make a tentative schedule to make sure none of your courses have conflicts. Some classes will have multiple lecture sections and multiple tutorial sections, but you’ll only have to pick one lecture and one tutorial section.

2. So you have your first year courses filled up. Great. You still have a couple of slots to fill up. Time to think about breadth requirements! What is a breadth requirement, you ask? Check out this post for more information on breadth requirements!

Each course falls under a specific breadth requirement and you can see it below the course description. (e.g. as pictured, LIN102H1) will fall under the Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2) breadth requirement.

If you are looking for some students’ perspectives on how they chose their breadth requirements, check out this video!

3. When do you enrol in courses? Depending on what year of study you are in, your start time will be different. Upper year students will receive higher priority for enrolment so their start date/times will be earlier than first years.

Not sure when you’ll be able to check your start time? Check out when you’ll be able to see your start time here!

4. Set an alarm for your start time. You’ll want to log onto ACORN right at your start time because that will be your best chance to get the courses you want.

5. How do you go about enrolling in courses on course selection day? Go onto ACORN (or you may have heard it called ROSI), click on Academics > Enrol and Manage, and you’ll be able to type in the course code or title. Easy peasy. Add the courses you want into your enrolment cart, however HEADS UP: having these courses in your enrolment cart does not mean that ACORN will automatically enrol you in the course. At your start time, you have to click ‘Enrol’ on each course in your enrolment cart. It’s a good idea to have some back-up courses in your enrolment cart in case your Plan A doesn’t work out.


You’re all set. Good luck with getting the courses you want!

Hear from some Innis students on how they chose their first year courses!


Will I get the courses I want?

The course I want to take is full. What do I do?

Is it possible to schedule classes back to back?

How many courses can I sign up for?

How many courses SHOULD I sign up for?

What do all of these acronyms mean?


Still confused? Reach out to your college registrar! They’re super helpful.

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask us a question through our ASK tab! Let us know what posts you’d like to see!

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