First Nations House at UofT

First Nations House (Indigenous Student Services)

First Nations House (FNH) is a culturally relevant space on the St. George Campus that acts as a hub for Indigenous Student Services on all three campuses at the University of Toronto. FNH provides Indigenous students at the University of Toronto with access to a wide variety of culturally supportive student services, including: 

   Admissions Advising FNH can help Indigenous students with their University of Toronto application and advocate on their behalf. For mature Indigenous students                                                     and/or those who do not meet the University’s admission requirements, FNH can help with applications to one of the University’s access or                                                         bridging programs (Academic Bridging Program, Transitional Year Programme, etc.).

      Academic Advising FNH offers culturally supportive academic advising to Indigenous undergraduate and graduate students. Services like academic planning,                                                           graduate school application assistance, U of T Student Life program referrals, pre-admission counselling, etc. 

Financial Aid Advising FNH can help Indigenous undergraduate and graduate students learn about and access a wide variety of scholarships and grants while at the                                                     University of Toronto. 


In addition to this, First Nations House hosts various events and services that welcome all students, staff, and faculty at the University of Toronto, such as: 

                 Traditional Advising FNH offers the opportunity to meet with Elders and Traditional Teachers for support, guidance and teachings. To book an appointment                                                                 with the Elder and Traditional Teacher in residence, please contact the First Nation’s House reception. A gift, such as a tobacco tie,                                                                         is offered in recognition of the Elder’s shared wisdom; gifts can be given and are available at the FNH front desk.

  Resource and Computer Lab   FNH hosts a resource centre with a library and computer lab. The library offers a wide array of Indigenous materials including                                                                                  Indigenous course related content. A research coordinator is on site to assist students with any questions they may have.

   Indigenous Education Week In November, FNH hosts various events and activities throughout the week that educates about Indigenous culture and traditional                                                                        knowledge. These events and activities  are fun and insightful, as well as open to the public. Last year's theme was Grassroots and                                                                          Community-Building Initiatives.

Orientation for New Students In September, FNH organizes an orientation that welcomes new students to the University of Toronto. This orientation session will get                                                                   students acquainted with the culturally relevant support and services offered by the University.

For more information on the services and events at First Nations House you can visit their website at

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