Course Exclusions

What are Course Exclusions?

Course Exclusions are those courses which you’re not allowed to take. In better words, you cannot get a credit that counts towards your degree from a Course Exclusion. Exclusions are courses which students are excluded from taking, generally because they have content in common with courses for which the student has previously been granted credit.

Which courses are course exclusions? 

Any courses which you have already obtained a pass standing in is a Course Exclusion. 

Any course which is listed as an exclusion of a course that you are currently enrolled in is a course Exclusion. 

Where can I find an Exclusion list for a course? 

To find which courses are exclusions of a course you are currently enrolled in, all you need to do is go to the course description in the calendar and check for “Exclusion”. In case of any confusion regarding course exclusions, it is best to email the professor teaching the course in that session. 

What are the consequences of enrolling in an excluded course?

If allowed by special permission to enrol in an excluded course, the second course taken will be listed as an "Extra" course. Students will be required to withdraw from the course if discovered during the session of enrolment and will be refused degree credit in the excluded course if discovered at any time in a subsequent session.


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