Can I schedule classes back-to-back and make it to my classes on time?

All classes in the daytime in the FAS start at 10 minutes after the hour and end on the hour. That means there are 10 minutes between classes.

The St. George Campus is a big 35 city block campus, but you can almost always travel by foot from one part of campus to another in 10 minutes.

Sometimes moving from the “west” part of campus to the “central” part is as easy as crossing St. George Street. Other times, you may have to get across Queen’s Park, but students report that they manage without difficulty.

Students also report that

  • they might jog or bike to class to make it on time;
  • if they arrive at 10 minutes after the hour, they don’t always get their favourite seat in the class;
  • professors aren’t nuts about students consistently arriving late to class.

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