Can I get help with filing my taxes on campus?

Yes, there are many resources available!


  • The University of Toronto Student’s Union (UTSU) runs free tax clinics in March and April at the UTSU building, 12 Hart House Circle. Full-time undergraduate students can book appointments on the UTSU website starting mid-late March.
  • The Centre for International Experience (CIE) also has information sessions and a webinar about filing applications for income taxes for international students at Cumberland Room, 33 St. George Street. The sessions run from February to April and the webinar is available in May.



  • TurboTax is an online tool for filing taxes that is free for most students
  • SimpleTax is a completely free tax filing tool but can be a little difficult to get used to

Be sure to watch the CRA videos on the Student Series as well as the Canada Students and Income Taxes for a general overview of the process. Filing your taxes can often be a very simple process that can easily be done at home.

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