class size: would you call that a grande or venti?

There are 500 1st-year classes taught in FAS. Some classes are really large.

7 of the most popular courses are lecture courses with enrolments over 900 students – ANT100Y, AST101H, BIO120H, BIO130H, POL101Y, PSY100H, SOC101Y, SOC102H & SOC103H. (Okay, that’s actually 9, but really the three SOC courses count as one!)

Another 20+ courses have enrolments between 350 and 500.

Often taught by some of our best instructors, these large classes also include small group learning in tutorials and in laboratories.

Most first-year students take anywhere from 1-5 of these really large classes. But there’s always room in your schedule for at least one smaller class.

Consider this: The majority of courses in the FAS have enrolments of fewer than 40 students.

That includes three special categories of first-year classes that are limited to 25 students each:

All three of these explore topics through interactive learning. They’re a great way to develop your writing and presentation skills and to hone your intellectual independence.

They’re for students from any academic background and, conveniently, they also satisfy breadth requirements.

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