APUS introduces new 50th anniversary bursaries for part-time students

The Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students is pleased to introduce the new 50th anniversary bursaries for part-time students.

In addition to the APUS General Bursary, Jovita Nagy Bursary, and Marija Hutchison Bursary, we are providing a set number of bursaries to part-time undergraduate students who self-identify as Indigenous, Black, Queer and Trans, and/or disabled students/students with disabilities. These bursaries are provided on the basis of financial need as determined by the Office of Enrolment Services.

APUS now offers the following bursaries:

  • APUS General Bursary
  • APUS Access Bursary
  • APUS Indigenous Student Bursary
  • APUS Black Student Bursary
  • APUS Queer and Trans Student Bursary
  • Jovita Nagy Bursary (for UTSC & UTM students)
  • Marija Hutchison Bursary (for part-time students in the TYP & Academic Bridging Programs)

Recognizing that part-time students face barriers to accessing funding from governmental and institutional programs, we are pleased to offer APUS bursaries to part-time undergraduate students on all three campuses of the University of Toronto.

Applications and eligibility criteria for the APUS bursaries are now available on our website at https://apus.ca/scholarships-bursaries/. The deadline for the Fall bursary program is October 22, 2018 and the deadline for the Winter bursary program is February 1, 2019. Please contact Member Services Coordinator at services@apus.ca with any questions about the APUS Bursary Program.


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