Accessing a Learning Strategist

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, buildings at the University of Toronto are closed. Learning strategists can be booked through your college Registrar’s Office, or through the Student Life’s Academic Success department.

If you’re looking to find motivation to study, learn what kind of studying works best for you, or learn how to balance your academic obligations with your life, you might want to turn to a learning strategist. Learning strategists are available for personalized support online during the COVID-19 pandemic and in person in regular times, through the various Faculty of Arts & Science Colleges and other faculties and through webinars provided by the department of Academic Success. 

What can a learning strategist do for me?

Learning strategists help with a variety of academic skills. 

These include:

  • time management
  • effective study strategies
  • problem-solving approaches
  • breaking down and developing processes for assignments and projects
  • presentation and test/exam skills
  • navigating academic resources and expectations
  • and more! 

A lot of what a learning strategist can help with involves self-regulation strategies for maintaining focus, motivation, building healthy routines and managing academic stress. During the COVID situation, learning strategists help you figure out how to stick to a routine, create a productive workspace and manage the transition to online learning and assessments.

Personally, going to the learning strategist at Innis College has helped me immensely. After being referred to them by an academic advisor at my college, I started scheduling regular appointments for a variety of reasons– but most helpful was learning how to balance my two part-time jobs with my classes. I was getting really overwhelmed, but talking with Meghan helped me learn how to prioritize between my classes and jobs while completing tasks efficiently. What started as an appointment about time management became appointments about other ways to help me succeed in university, like maximizing my note-taking skills and getting over my performance anxiety! 

Meghan Litteljohn is a learning strategist who works on site at Innis, and supports students with their learning needs  through personalized approaches. She helps students balance their lives outside of school with their academic obligations, which often includes skills such as prioritization and regulating their schedules and habits. Meghan aids students in navigating the “hidden curriculum” of university– this includes engaging with and building relationships with peers and instructors, knowing what to expect of a particular discipline or assessment, as well as navigating academic resources and services. 

How can I meet with one?

In regards to availability and support tailored for your specific needs, on-site learning strategists are the way to go! On-site learning strategists are available through your college Registrar’s Office for personalized one-to-one appointments, as well as through the faculties of Applied Science & Engineering, Kinesiology and Physical Education, and Medicine. Likewise, the First Nations House, Transitional Year Programme and Bridging Program also offer on-site learning strategists. More locations can be found here under “service delivery”.

If you’re looking for group advising sessions on specific topics such as concentration or note-taking, the learning strategists at the department of Academic Success in Student Life regularly hold workshops, webinars and have recently created a self-guided academic skills module on Quercus. Currently, most webinars are focused on offering support to students completing school work from home in an effective, time-efficient manner. During non-pandemic times, there are regular in person workshops and one-on-one appointments. You can find out what sessions are available by logging into your UToronto account and accessing the Academic Success events calendar on CLNx

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