A guide to letter grades, percentages and GPA in FAS

For each course at UofT, that you did not credit/no-credit, you will receive a percentage grade which you can link to a letter grade and a corresponding grade point value.



Letter Grade Grade Point Value Grade Definition
90-100 A+ 4.0 Excellent Strong evidence of original thinking; good organization; capacity to analyze and synthesize; superior grasp of subject matter with sound critical evaluations; evidence of extensive knowledge base.
85-89 A 4.0
80-84 A- 3.7
77-79 B+ 3.3 Good Evidence of grasp of subject matter, some evidence of critical capacity and analytic ability; reasonable understanding of relevant issues; evidence of familiarity with literature
73-76 B 3.0
70-72 B- 2.7
67-69 C+ 2.3 Adequate Student who is profiting from the university experience; understanding of the subject matter and ability to develop solutions to simple problems in the material.
63-66 C 2.0
60-62 C- 1.7
57-59 D+ 1.3 Marginal Some evidence of familiarity with the subject matter and some evidence that critical and analytic skills have been developed.
53-56 D 1.0
50-52 D- 0.7
0-49 F 0.0 Inadequate Little evidence of even superficial understanding of subject matter; weakness in critical and analytic skills; limited or irrelevant use of literature.


Grade Point Average (GPA) is the weighted sum (a full course is weighted as 1, a half-course as 0.5) of the grade points earned, divided by the number of courses in which grade points were earned.

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