A general guide to your local First Nations Resources

As a First Nations student at the U of T, and specifically at Innis College,  you have access to all sorts of resources, some of which may seem fairly obvious, and are available to all U of T students, and many of which are specifically geared toward First Nations students.

The primary centre for First Nations resources, and one of the main gathering places for First Nations undergrad students at the U of T is FIRST NATIONS HOUSE. It is located at 563 Spadina Circle, on the lower southwest corner of the St. George campus. It is a very large space with several student lounges, a conference room, a student computer area, and the offices for the staff for basic First Nations student supports at the University.  You can reference their website at:



The second main organizational resource for First Nations endeavors at the U of T is the Centre for Indigenous Studies, which is housed in the same building as First Natioins House at 563 Spadina Avenue. This is the bureaucaratic and physical hub for the undergraduate Department As a First of Indigenous studies at the U of T; it houses the centre’s offices, as well as some faculty and student group offices as well;


In the current wake of the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission’s work, the U of T has responded by intiatiating/expanding a third bureaucratic branch for First Nations resources and development on the St. George campus; the OFFICE OF INDIGENOUS INITIATIVES. One of their mandates is to implement the 94 calls to action of the TRC insofar as they are relevant to the work that the U of T is engaged in, and one of their subjects of study is the continud engagement., recruitment and retention of First Nations staff, faculty and students at the U of T. They are working on a comprehensive website for First Nations students at the U of T which should be up and running sometime during the fall of 2018.

In addition, each professional faculty and college on campus can also direct their First Nations students to varioius resources that might be specific to their bureaucracy or subject of expertise; the U of T law school, for example, has it’s own Centre for Indigenous Initiatives, and as there are 8 unique undergraduate colleges at the U of T, each is geared to point First Nations students in the most effective direction for help and resources.

The Innis College Registrar’s Office is very much open and willing to engage and assist First Nations students who are members of Innis College; while there are quite a few avenues and resources for First Nations students on campous at the U of T, and through various downtown agencies that deal with student funding and resources. I would like to stress that as a student, the more options that you have available to you, the more resources you ultimately have to back you up. So do not be afraid to ask around and check out various avenues or departments for funding or resource options

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