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Lexy Mensah asked 5 years ago

While adding courses to my enrollment cart I realized that courses like GGR124H1 say that I need to chose one of the classes. I think they\’re labs but I\’m not 100% sure, and if they are labs should I be taking them right after my class?

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Jannie Staff answered 5 years ago

*repost of an answer already sent:
Hey Lexy! Sorry about the late response, we aren’t in the office on weekends. Thanks for sending us a question! TUT courses are actually tutorials. You will need to choose one section of tutorial to attend. Tutorials vary from course to course. Some of them will prep you for upcoming assignments and others will be a session for discussion and review. In this case, looking at the syllabus for GGR124, it seems that 10% of your grade will come from tutorial participation (this is subject to change). It doesn’t matter if you take them before or after your class. There isn’t necessarily an advantage or disadvantage because all tutorials will be structured the same, regardless of the section. Hope that makes sense. If you have any more questions, feel free to submit more questions!