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Elizabeth Yan asked 2 years ago

What is the maximum number of extracurricular activities you would recommend First Year students to participate in?

1 Answers
Jannie Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your question! I don’t think there is a maximum number because it really varies from student to student. Some people can handle having lots of extracurriculars going on at once and some people are more comfortable with one. Just keep in mind that you are here for school and you should prioritize accordingly. At the same time, I do encourage participating in extracurriculars because it’s one of those things that you’ll only get to do when you’re in school. Going into your first year will be a big transition and you don’t want to overload yourself. Also, some extracurricular activities do require more of a commitment than others, so you should consider that. I hope this helped. Feel free to send in any more questions you might have! 🙂