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Lily Trinh asked 5 years ago

Hi, I was planning my schedule for my fall semester and I was wonder whether it would be a bad idea to place my tutorial for a course the day after the lecture for the same course? Or should I have my tutorial a couple hours apart from my lecture?  Also,  I was wondering for the breadth requirement, would I have to take it first year, for example the breadth requirement listed for bio120h1 is Living Things and Their Environment, would I have to take this course first year as well or can I take it anytime in my 4 years?  Thank you!

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Jannie Staff answered 5 years ago

Hey Lily,
Thanks for submitting a question! In terms of your tutorial time, it’s really up to you. I can’t say that one is better than the other. Tutorials will always be the same regardless of whether they occur right after class or the day after. Your tutorials will also vary greatly; some will be mainly review of lecture material and others will include activities and small assignments. If you want the lecture material fresh in your memory, you could sign up for a tutorial shortly after your lecture, but otherwise, don’t worry, it’s not a bad idea. 🙂
For your breadth requirement question, you can take it anytime in your 4 years, but remember that you can only take 6.0 full course equivalents in 100- level courses which will actually count towards your credits. Meaning, after 6.0 credits, any 100-level course you take will not count towards your credits for graduation. Hope this helped!